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We Provides You With The Right Skill set You Need To Succeed In Your Career
Take advantage of our Internationally acclaimed Faculty Team to strengthen your knowledge, Get prepared for your exam with free practice tests and our recommended exam resources
Our Specialised training programs is tailor-made to help Individuals or Organizations to execute skills required during the time of need; the time to save a precious life
Advance into the future of Marketing with our Digital Marketing Training Programs, select a course which works best for you

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Realize what’s possible with training

We Provides You With The Right Skill set You Need To Succeed In Your Career

Video-based Course

It’s scientifically proven that the brain has a
favorable response to a video, the information delivered over a video has a longer retention, We at IMET have specially designed course program delivered through video

ASHI-approved Training Centers

We are an ASHI-approved Training Centers and authorized instructors providing first aid, CPR, AED, basic and advanced life support training for the community, workplace, and healthcare providers.
Cost effective

High-Quality Cost-Effective

All our programs are designed to be Efficient and Effective, the course design incorporates hands-on skills with ongoing retention resources to make our classes the ones you will remember.

24 hours

24 Hours study

Once you registered with IMET, you gain 24-hours access to videos, slide presentations,practical exercises, interactive quizzes and a student support network.

Globally Recognized Accreditation

Once you finish the Training you will receive Globally recognized certification

Experience the Global Standard

Our Faculty team has a global training experience in many countries around the world, which they bring into the training standard of IMET

Get the Right Mix; Get SAP

The world is overcrowded; the competition is getting very tough, as there are many people competing for the same thing as you; for you to stand out of the crowd, you should have the right mix of Skillset and a proper Platform; We call that mix as SAP (Skillset And Platform)
SAP will provide you with the perfect combination you need to succeed,

IMET Gives You Visibility In The Crowd

It will make you Visible in the overcrowded world by giving you the Platform which elevates you from the competition; it makes possible for the people to have clear view of you and your profile

IMET Will Give Your Voice The Amplification It Needs

It makes sure that you cut through the noise and deliver your message to the ear of your best PROSPECTS.

IMET Will Provide You With The Right Connect

The right Connect with media; which has taken communication to a whole new level. In proper words, engagement – it gives the engagement you need to elevate your career